Community Meet and Greet

In South Australia, we are facing a myriad of urgent challenges.  As the Upper House representative for One Nation, it's my priority to identify these issues and take decisive action.

At One Nation, we view the disintegration of the family unit as a root cause of many societal problems. We firmly believe that families form the foundation of our society.  Without robust support for families, our businesses, agricultural sector, local communities, and schools risk destabilisation.

So, how does One Nation back families?

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Our party serves the people's interests, not those of an overbearing government.  We advocate for the right of families to make their own beneficial decisions.  It's our belief that every South Australian family should be given opportunities to secure their livelihood — to put food on the table, pay their electricity bills, access healthcare, choose their education, and ultimately thrive.

Though One Nation may not be a large party, we stay true to our beliefs, aspiring to empower communities, families, and individuals to prosper and foster optimism for the future.

As your representative for South Australia, I am here to serve you.  I invite you to share your triumphs, future plans, and concerns.  Please attend this event and let me know what matters most to you and what you believe needs immediate attention.





August 25, 2023 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm


Prospect Town Hall
128 Prospect Rd
Prospect, SA 5082
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Office of Sarah Game

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