Children thrown on the pavement in Labor’s brave new world


There has been an 11% increase in the number of Aussies being forced to sell their homes since Labor took office (Courier-Mail 04/04/2023). While the Australian treasurer Jim Chalmers spent yesterday begging for pats on the back over the announcement from the RBA that interest rates didn’t jump again, the forced sale statistic should have been his focus.


Jim Chalmers was called a ‘factional hack’, ‘backstabber’ and described as a weak crybaby by former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in his book ‘The PM Years’. In that same book, Rudd reports Chalmers admitted to him that the now former PM wouldn’t have wanted him in parliament (pages 586,587).

Families are crying right now as their homes are being stripped from underneath them by a callous and mean-spirited Labor government. Children are being thrown out on the street into a market that has no rental availability by a grossly incompetent Labor government and Treasurer.

Labor has splashed cash since taking office on vanity projects like a referendum, and this spending has contributed to the Reserve Bank’s decision to increase interest rates.

People feel stabbed in the back by Treasurer Jim Chalmers when he gloats about opening the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of immigrants, which the ABC has admitted is the primary cause for the rental crisis and will be for some time (ABC News 03/04/2023).

Rudd’s treasurer Wayne Swan was widely accepted as the most incompetent Treasurer next to the disgraced Jim Cairns of the Whitlam era. Swan employed Jim Chalmers as his chief of staff. Chalmers’ training ground, as documented by Kevin Rudd, was the factional backrooms of the Canberra bubble. It’s no wonder Labor hasn’t got a single policy to help Aussies in financial strife.

One Nation proposes reducing government spending to balance the budget and reduce immigration significantly.



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