Budget Delivers a Big Australia We Don't Want

Most Australians are opposed to unsustainably high immigration but the Budget has revealed the government’s plan to bring in vast numbers of more people.

The plan to raise net overseas migration to 213,000 by 2023-24 showed how out of touch the major parties and big business are with the Australian people.

The major parties and big business won’t stop until our borders are completely open to unlimited numbers of immigrants.

This is not what most Australians want in the middle of health and housing crises. This is not what most Australians want at all.

The numbers are mind-boggling; 213,000 people is more than the entire population of Hobart. Australians are struggling with home availability and the government’s plans will make it even harder.

The Budget also reveals the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent around to relieve traffic congestion in our cities — vast riches expended to shave a few minutes off commute times.

It’s no coincidence that reduced immigration during the COVID-19 pandemic was followed by the lowest Australian unemployment figures in two generations.

One Nation will campaign strongly at the Federal election for immigration to be reduced to more sustainable levels, no more than 100,000 per year, instead of the astronomical numbers favoured by the major parties and big business.

I’m confident the majority of Australian voters will agree. One Nation puts Australia and Australians first.

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