BREAKING News: Queensland Mandatory Vaccinations Were Unlawful, Supreme Court

One Nation has always stood side-by-side with Queenslanders who were forced to get the @#!. Many of these people lost their jobs, or abandoned careers, because they wanted control over their bodies, and didn’t want to be injected with what amount to an experiment. One Nation has advocated for these people, pursed their cases, and fought for their rights. 

Now there is hope, with the Queensland Supreme Court ruling, it was unlawful to force many Queensland front line service people to take the %^$.  

Hopefully, justice will prevail, and those who acted unlawfully through the whole saga will be brought to justice. You can’t trample on people’s human rights and think you are magically granted impunity.


From the Courier-Mail – 27/2/2024

Supreme Court bombshell: Qld’s mandatory Covid vaccine orders ‘unlawful’

Dozens of police and health workers have won a mammoth legal battle over mandatory ­Covid vaccination orders after the Supreme Court declared they were unlawful.

Dozens of police and health workers, including paramedics have won a mammoth legal battle over mandatory ­vaccination orders after the Supreme Court declared they were unlawful.

In a 115-page decision handed down by Justice Glenn Martin on Tuesday, he declared police commissioner Katarina Carroll’s direction for mandatory Covid-19 vaccination issued in December 2021 unlawful under the Human Rights Act and banned her from taking any steps to enforce the direction.’’

He also ruled that a similar order by John Wakefield, the director general of Queensland Health’s equivalent vaccination policy, “is of no effect” and Mr. Wakefield should be blocked from forcing paramedics to have the injection.

Seventy four people opposing vaccinations took the state government to the Supreme Court to challenge vaccination directives, they were included in three separate applications before the court.

Two related to police officers or civilian staff, and the third case related to Queensland Ambulance Service workers.

The workers did not have to be vaccinated while their legal fight was underway.

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