Majors Taking Australia Back to the Dark Ages

Three hydrocarbon fuels freed humanity — gas, oil, coal.

Prior to the industrial revolution humanity suffered extremes of nature and endured poverty, famines, starvation and death.

Thanks to the industrial revolution over the last 170 years, human progress has lifted billions of people out of poverty and misery. Because as energy prices fall productivity increases, and as productivity increases wealth increases — not just for some, for all.

Instead, over the last three decades Australia’s dopey, dishonest, deceitful politicians have artificially tripled electricity prices.

Instead of having the world’s lowest electricity prices and attracting electricity-intensive industries and being independent, Australia now has the world’s highest electricity prices. That kills manufacturing and hurts family budgets and makes us dependent on other nations.

All so that politicians can parade their compliance with UN dictates.

Now we export our coal to China where they use it to generate electricity at one third the cost of electricity prices here in Australia. All because we have stupid, dishonest, anti-human policies subsidizing 'unreliables' — wind, solar.

In future elections — put the nation-killers, the majors, last.

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