Are there two biological sexes?

In a move that has stirred intense interest, South Australian One Nation member, Sarah Game, has made a motion (3/05/2023) for her colleagues to vote on whether they agree that there are only two biological sexes. The move also asks members to acknowledge the historical acceptance of two genders as common knowledge and the role of essential gendered language in society. 

The motion comes in response to the recent removal of gender-specific terms from the rules of procedure in the lower house, which has received negative community feedback. Game claims that her motion will clarify where elected members stand regarding gender and gendered language. She believes it is part of politicians' jobs to stand up for the views of the people who elected them. 

A parliamentary committee recommended that councils change their bylaws to allow transgender, intersex, and gender-diverse people to choose which public toilet they use.  

It remains to be seen how the South Australian MPs will vote on the motion, but it will likely be a contentious issue that will continue to spark debate and discussion. 

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