Are Australians of non-Aboriginal descent going to be charged rent on their land?

Is the proposed Rent Tax closer to reality? The tax would see Australians of non-Aboriginal descent charged rent on their land and the money paid to local Aboriginal groups.


One Nation deems the tax as racist and discriminatory.

It is concerning there may be preliminary signs that plans could be drawn up to implement this racist tax, as revealed in a DailyMail story published yesterday (22/03/2023)

Clues about the implementation of the Rent Tax come at the bottom of the article where Senator Lidia Thorpe was asked to comment on the tax but said to journalists she doesn’t respond to ‘racist rhetoric’.

Where have we heard the slur ‘racist rhetoric’ before? Whenever anyone opposes the Prime Minister’s Voice, they are accused of ‘racist rhetoric’.

It’s the first sign the Labor party is hiding something when they accuse opponents as being ‘racist’. What we do know is the Prime Minister has NOT ruled out ever introducing such a tax, despite intense interest from the media on the issue.

Well, on this score One Nation leader Pauline Hanson came (came) out swinging against the 'Pay the Rent' movement. Senator Hanson branded the movement "outrageous" and based on greed and "racist identity victim politics."

Speaking in Parliament, Senator Hanson savaged the movement supported by Aboriginal Senator Lidia Thorpe and feminist writer Clementine Ford. She insisted that anyone born in Australia has equal claim to the ownership of the country, regardless of heritage, and that the idea of Australians paying rent for living in their own country is offensive.

"The only good thing about the race-based rent idea is that the activists who want it reveal their true motivation. It’s not about ‘justice’ or ‘redress’. It’s just about money – other people’s money. It’s just about their greed," she said.

Senator Hanson said that such a system would be abused, with the money diverted away to administrators and bureaucrats. "As usual, the Aboriginal industry will keep all the money, and truly disadvantaged Aborigines in remote communities will continue to suffer poverty, unemployment, and crime," she added.

The 'Pay the Rent' movement proposes that homeowners pay a percentage of their income to a body led by Aboriginal elders without any government oversight. Under the suggested one per cent, with the median Australian employee's earnings of $1,250 per week, it would cost each Aussie around $12.50 a week, or around $650 a year.

One Nation calls on all sensible Australians to reject this discriminatory proposal, and we urge the government to audit the Aboriginal industry and take action to address the real problems faced by Aboriginal communities. This proposal is not about justice or reconciliation; it's about greed and money-grabbing. Let's stand together as Australians and reject this divisive and unfair proposal.

Watch Pauline's Courageous Speech here



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