4.2% Increase To Queensland Fines

Despite Central Queensland residents owing almost $51 million in SPER debts - Labor has announced a 4.2% increase in traffic fines across the state.

This is on top of last year's 7.7% increase.

Let's be honest - very few drivers are perfect!

Most of us have inadvertently crept over the speed limit or chucked a u-turn in the wrong spot which has resulted in a traffic infringement.

Today's 4.2% increase is just another kick in the guts to someone who unintentionally does the wrong thing.

Failing to wear a seatbelt will now increase from $1161 to $1210, and doing 65km in a 60km zone will cost around $322.

Labor hopes to raise $857 million this year off Queensland drivers when people can least afford it.


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