I am committed to ensuring that Mirani's rich resources benefit our community, fostering growth, safety, and prosperity for all residents.

Stephen Andrew has proudly served as the Member of Parliament for Mirani since 2017. With a robust background in the mining industry, Stephen's career spans various minerals, including lead, copper, zinc, gold and coal. His dual trade expertise allowed him to undertake numerous supervisory and technical roles, ultimately leading him to design and develop safety devices aimed at reducing injury and risk during manual handling. Additionally, Stephen has made significant contributions to vertebrate pest management on mine sites.

Born in Mackay, Queensland, Stephen is deeply connected to his roots. He is married and a father of two, balancing his professional responsibilities with his dedication to his family.

Stephen's educational achievements are extensive, holding a CN121 Fitting and Turning trade, a Cert III in Electrical Engineering, and qualifications as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic/Instruments. He also boasts a CN941 Diploma of Engineering in Electrical Instruments and a TDM 20101 Maritime Operations Coxswain. As a licensed weapons dealer, his technical proficiency is well-recognized.

Beyond his professional life, Stephen is an active member of the SSAA George Rifle Range, reflecting his commitment to community involvement. His personal interests include saltwater fishing, camping, and collecting vintage Sako and Brno rifles. He also has a passion for old stone and glass embossed bottles that display local Queensland towns.

Stephen Andrew is dedicated to serving the people of Mirani, bringing his extensive experience and passion for community development to his role. His work in Parliament continues to focus on the issues that matter most to his constituents, ensuring a prosperous and safe future for the region.